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Shopping Tips

Today I wanted to share with you some tips when shopping,we all buy, but sometimes we do a little difficult with this advice is sure to give us our purchases much better.

1. When clothing gives us prove too lazy and take long to do, so taking advantage of it’s summer and we have to wear layers and layers I will recommend a comfortable garment without buttons and if possible without zipper. Will Facilitation and fast to remove.

2. The bag, if the day we are good we will be laden with bags, and if we add a large bag, it can be killer, so it is much more comfortable carrying a small bag and that bag in a separate carrying case with: ID, credit card or money. In this way we will not have to dig the wallet, take out the cards, ID, …, we will have everything at hand and they do not lose the ticket and that we will put it in that case.

3. The shoes, like the dress is important not to wear shoes with laces, buckles or zippers, some flat shoes or flip flops will be the ideal footwear. It is also important to be comfortable.

S i are of the often wear heels always recommend Esperanto wedges because you will become a similar idea to the heel but will go much more comfortable.

4. The bags, I try whenever I can ask any of the stores in a large bag to go getting all the bags in it, is much more comfortable carrying a large bag that 5 small.

5. Tags, I recommend that shall ye diminish ought never label a garment until you do them for the out and buy something that many times that at 2 weeks back to see the discount store and we are still within return it and buy it lowered .

6. Many times we buy for something to complement an outfit, such as shoes for a dress, a shirt for some short … In that case ALWAYS wear the garment you want to combine, if you have not yet removed the label bears the ticket to avoid problems at a store.

7. If the purchase is a gift not forget to order your gift ticket (not shown in the price) and a gift bag (most stores have). If instead you give a gift card to assure you that in that shop have clothes from the likes of that person.

8. Sure you ever tried going to a store and it beeps at you when passing the door, and sure it was with a purse or wallet in White XD when you deactivate the alarm will draw all the cards as they desiccant and if you have time and skill at home unpick the lining on which you remove the alarm, so you do not activate anymore.

9. Try not to be heavily made ​​up, to prove you can stain clothing.

10. The perfect underwear: thong strapless bra. This underwear will have no problem when try you or your clothes which will be marked or braces.

I hope you will help you to share my tips and if you have any more.