Diamond Hard Anti Slip Photoluminescent Glow In The Dark Hazard Tape 50mm x 1M

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Item Description

Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tape
Recharged by Natural or Artificial Light sources.

Safety grip glow in the dark anti slip tape for a non slip surface

Available as Plain, Chevron (hazard warning) or with glow stripe (select above

An excellent way to create an effective anti slip surface whilst illuminating to ensure people know where to safely tread. Recharged by Natural or Artificial sources.



Prevents slipping and used almost anywhere to give a safer non slip surface.

  • Kids Play Areas
  • Decking Areas
  • Garden Paths
  • Boat Decks
  • Bathrooms
  • Ladders
  • Patios
  • Steps

To name but a few.....


Its unique manufacture through static electricity ensures it is the most effective Anti-slip surfacing available. It is formulated to offer extreme chemical resistance, for resistance to both steam and detergent cleaning - and is also conductive.


Our product has a thick carrier impregnated with diamond hard aluminium oxide. NOTHING is more hardy, tough, durable & long lasting. So tough that should you need you can even hammer it into place on irregular surfaces.


Our anti-slip products have a heavy coating of permanent pressure sensitive adhesive which is water resistant and ensures once it's down -It stays down...!!


Our Anti-slip tape can withstand above and beyond all environment limits, even surviving temperatures below -30oC

NOTE: Orders of more than 1 metre are shipped in a continuous roll.